Japan Internet Safety Promotion Association (JISPA)

Outline of JISPA

Japan Internet Safety Promotion Association (JISPA) is a non-profit organization, and was established on February 27, 2009 to link the various private-sector initiatives for the improvement of the Internet use environment, as an organization where users, businesses, and educational institutions come together to carry out their activities on a larger scale and in a more effective manner.

JISPA collects and publicizes information on the initiatives carried out by private-sector and local community organizations, providing a forum to share and develop ideas regarding the improvement of the Internet use environment.

This forum thus aims to promote all-around media literacy to empower children to make full use of ICT and adults to better control such use for their well being. It also works to support the development and widespread adoption of a self-regulatory Charter on which private-sector companies and individuals using the Internet can base their activities to contribute to building a safe and secure network environment for all.

Through these activities, JISPA targets to help construct a desirable Internet use environment led by the private sector.


Types of Members

Special member

Local government bodies or organizations such as public-interest bodies and individual experts recognized by the Board of Trustees as making a special contribution to the activities of Japan Internet Safety Promotion Association

Full member

Entities that support the objectives of Japan Internet Safety Promotion Association and that are able to make annual contributions of one or more units (each unit worth JPY500,000)

Supporting member

Entities that support the objectives of Japan Internet Safety Promotion Association and that are able to make annual contributions of one or more units (each unit worth JPY50,000)
Note: Does not become a member of the General Meeting


Organization and Members


Organization Chart

Members (Board of directors)

[Representative chairperson]

  • Ikufumi Niimi(honorary professor, Meiji University)

[Vice chairperson]

  • Ichiya Nakamura  (President, Professional University of Information and Management for Innovation)


  • Toshihiko Matsui (SoftBank Corp)
  • Atsushi Kaneda (Japan PTA National Council)
  • Kazuki Makita (National High School PTA Federation)
  • Shino Uenuma (Attorney)
  • Ryoji Mori (Attorney)


Major Projects in Fiscal 2023

Awareness Building & Public Relations Committee

Awareness Building Activities Working Group

Taking advantage of the strengths of the organization, such as educators, industry and users have come together, we promote a national campaign for the purpose of safe and secure Internet use of youth as "Local community projects" and "National projects" connected organically know-how and successful examples of each organization.

In Local community projects, we mostly make safe use of smartphone known in cooperation with local stakeholders. Also, tell the actual use of youth and its measures, such as the importance of communication and rule-making at home to their guardians. We also provide opportunities to experience internet around the elementary school, leading to training by meeting the fun and essence of internet. Middle school, high school students get to thinking about their wise internet use, as the theme "Promotion of the good net by their own good".

In National projects, we do act to realize our society in which everyone can use the mobile and internet by safe and secure raised the slogan of "more good net".

Research Committee

Research & Study Working Group

About the impact of internet's illegal and harmful information gives to youth, we collect basic data and research not only the positive side, but also possibility negative side effects brings.

Theme: (1) violence and bullying (2) sexual behavior, sexual awareness (3) suicide (4) dependent

Anti-Child Pornography Working Group

We have exchanged information about international response against child pornography, and about the actual situation in Japan, and have considered both legal and technical aspects of blocking measures for urgent problems.

In addition, we have finally made compiled and published the agenda, and have made a well-known about the blocking activity.

Smartphone Working Group

Various stakeholders lead to measures to share the challenges in efforts to protect youth from smartphone by mobile phone operators, community site operators, device manufacturers, wireless LAN operators, filtering companies, platform operators, and third-party organization. (Meeting will be held if necessary)

So far, we have organized challenges, and released in June 2012 "Youth Protection by Design and Improving user's Internet Literacy" report.

Issue Of Internet Working Group

We examine various problems about the Internet use of youth in the short term and intensively to our "Awareness Building Committee" and tie it to the effective common knowledge Awareness Building Activities to protectors.


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